ITS Hamilton’s principles

ITS Hamilton has gained reputation as a leader agency in providing professional high quality services to the new-Canadians to the region. ITS-Hamilton has gained a national reputation as a leader in development and implementation of high quality services and programs for new-Canadians. In the last seven years ITS-Hamilton’s has enhanced the quality of the available services in the region for newcomers. The Cultural Interpretation Services has the same high standard in quality as ITS-Hamilton’s other services. The Cultural Interpreters are fully trained with the highest level of professionalism. The Cultural Interpreters receive training in areas such as Cross-Cultural Communication, Anti-racism, Cultural Sensitivity, etc. The Cultural Interpreters are trained and qualified to provide interpretation in areas such as: health, legal, immigration, education, social services, shelter, police, wife abuse, child protection and welfare, etc.

The ITS Hamilton has the support of other agencies in Hamilton who provide services with their multi-disciplinary team of the professionals in field of settlement, employment and community connection services. The ITS Hamilton is committed to strive to its principles such as reliability, credibility and excellent reputation in providing quality services.

The Cultural Interpreters are neutral participants in a two-way communication between non-English speaking and an English speaking person. Interpreter’s role is to provide cultural and linguistic bridging between both sides and remain neutral.

Cultural Interpreters are trained, and closely screened and monitored regarding honoring confidentiality. The Interpreters sign an official legal Pledge of Confidentiality document with ITS Hamilton and they are legally liable about any unauthorized release of the information.
Confidentiality that the interpreter will not disclose any information learned and/or transmitted during the performance of interpretation unless he/she has the express approval of all parties or when required by law

Cultural interpretation services are available on the basis of seven days a week and around the clock.
Making sure Cultural Interpretation services are accessible to any individual in need of the services is our number one priority and commitment. The services are also accessible and available for any not-for-profit organization, government departments, health, legal and educational services and private and business sector.

To make the Interpretation and Translation Services available and accessible to all individuals and organizations, ITS Hamilton provides a flexible rate. The fee is not a barrier in accessing to the Interpretation and Translation Services.